Hey guys, today’s tutorial is one I use every now and then, but is quite cool and can make your image totally unique to you. In my case, unless someone came by later and plugged in the christmas lights, no one has a picture of the “Burger Bar” in Bristol, Va w/ their lights on!

Here are the steps I went through in the video –

1. Duplicate the layer
2. Create an adjustment layer by clicking the black/white circle (adjustment layer button) under the layer window – Choose Photo Filter, and select yellow, max it out to 100%
3. Make that a clipping mask by holding “Alt” or “Option” and clicking the little line between the layers in the layers window. This allows us to make a layer mask on the duplicated layer later on.
4. Create another adjustment layer, this time choose “curves” – and you want to drag the middle of the curve up to the left to really brighten the image.
5. This layer should be a clipping mask too, if it didnt automatically make it one, use the same steps as I mentioned above – Hold “Alt” or “Option” and click between the layers.
6. Now you want to make a layer mask on the duplicated image layer, and click “Ctrl” or “Command” I to invert that layer mask to black.
7. Click “Ctrl” or “Command” B to activate your brush (make sure you have the black layer mask clicked)
8. With a very small brush size (left or right bracket keys adjust brush size) paint over your lights, they should be turning a very bright yellow.
9. Once you have completed the brushing of the lights, click on the layer mask, and go to the propreties tab and adjust the feather slider to 2px or type it in. – This gives your lights the glow they would have had if they were actually turned on.
10. turn the layer off and on and see if you like the color/intensity of the lights – since we made these as clipping masks and havent done any “destructive” editing, you can always change the photo filter intensity or the curves adjustment to your liking!

I hope you enjoyed this quick video tutorial, and if you use it, please let me know and give me a link to your image!

If you have another way of doing this or something similar, Im always excited to hear about it! Drop me a comment below!

Any other ideas for tutorials?? Shoot me an email – utcards@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

– Tyler